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cnc band sawing machine is a very high quality, and is a very active mechanical equipment. in today's industrial production, the use is very much. the demand for nc band saw is also very high. in fact, only better understanding of cnc band sawing machine can be used. this time, zhejiang band saw machine manufacturer to talk about the use and principle of cnc band sawing machine wholesale.

the use range of nc band sawing machine wholesale.

the band saw is applied to wood processing and metal work, and is also used in various other materials. its name comes from its blades including metal strips and teeth. the strip is set vertically between two large wheels. the band saw is used in the irregular shape of the incision. the radius of the saw curve is determined by the thickness of the blade.

advanced technology such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and so on, so that workers can control in the control room. equipped with electronic computer program control system, as well as mechanized log loading, turning wood, material unloading, etc., so as to realize highly automatic and mechanized sawing operation. large band saw is used for raw wood processing into specification materials.

the principle of the wholesale lubrication system of cnc band sawing machine.

lubrication system must be before starting the machine tool lubrication part (wire brush shaft, worm worm gear box, the active bearing, bearing, lift up and down cylinder shaft clamping screw sliding surfaces, vise for refueling. worm gear box of worm gear, worm with 30 oil oil bath lubrication and oil plug hole injection by the upper part of the worm gear box, box fairy side has oil mark, when saw beam in the lowest position, the oil level should be between the oil mark upper and lower limit. the oil should be changed after one month, and the oil will be changed once every 3-6 months. the saw blade tensioning mechanism is responsible for the tensioning of the saw blade, and the tensioning of the saw blade must be strictly controlled.

numerical control band sawing machine is very necessary in the present society whether it is life or work. reasonable understanding and choice are very necessary. the above simple description of the use and principle of nc band sawing machine wholesale. interested consumers can learn more. zhejiang band saw machine manufacturer sells high quality nc band saw machine wholesale. welcome to inquire.

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