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zhejiang band sawing machine is a very high quality mechanical equipment. reasonable use can bring great benefit to the enterprise. but zhejiang band sawing machine can not be used properly. there could be a lot of problems. this time, the nc band sawing machine wholesaler will talk about the problem caused by zhejiang band sawing machine.

problems with sawing machine in zhejiang province.

1.metal band sawing machine is affected by surrounding press forging equipment vibration, as well as the band sawing machine fixed bolt loose phenomenon, affecting the saw frame jitter, band saw blade cutting suffered from the influence of shaking force in the process of collapse, pull teeth.
2.the lifting cylinder enters the air, or because of the bad oil, the cylinder wear, the control valve out of control, etc., all causes the saw frame not to reduce the uniform speed, the appearance of the tooth.
3.the linear motion of the driving wheel, from the driving wheel and the guide escapement mechanism can not reach the precision, and the saws can't operate in a straight line, and the cutting is either left or right or up and down.
4.the motor belt has been damaged for a long time, and it appears to be loose and loose, which may occur intermittently during operation, so that the sawing band can also appear intermittently in the cutting, resulting in the collapse of the teeth.
5.after long use of the guide block of the sawing machine, it will wear out, which may prevent the sawing from normal vertical cutting during the cutting process, which will cause the saws to be damaged and scrapped.


the factors that cause the collapse of the sawing machine in zhejiang province.

the new saw blade is not grinded, the cutting feed is too large, the tooth of the saw belt is reversed, and the cutting workpiece has slag, hard point, etc., all of which can cause the collapse of teeth.


zhejiang band sawing machine in the processing and use of the steps, has the overall effect is very much. different ways and choices are different. but if you can't use it properly. the overall demand gap will be much greater. the above mentioned above mainly describes some problems of zhejiang band sawing machine. interested consumers can learn more.

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