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high speed metal circular sawing machine ncj-凯发注册手机版官网

high speed metal circular sawing machine ncj-70
model numberhc-16260nc

sawing capacity, cutting length          3800
cutting width 2600
maximum cutting height 160mm
maximum exposed height of blade 165mm

master saw blade, master saw motor15kw
diameter of main sawφ555mm
spindle diameter of main sawφ 38mm
main saw speed4000 r/min
saw block, walking frequency conversion motor1.5kw
forward speed, maximum  10m/min
back speed, maximum 17 m/min
automatic feeder motorac 3kw
use air pressure≥5.0 kg/cm2
table height above ground1150 mm
machine tool dimensions (length, width and height) 7000×5650×2150
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