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advantages of zhejiang band sawing machine-凯发注册手机版官网

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zhejiang band sawing machine is believed to be familiar to many manufacturers. there are many places in the industrial society to choose zhejiang band sawing machine. due to the high efficiency of zhejiang band sawing machine, reasonable use can increase the efficiency of enterprises. at the same time, zhejiang band saw machine itself is also very much, circular saw machine tool _ cnc sawing machine is very common.

cutting features of circular saw machine:

1.efficient - efficiency is 5-8 times higher than the hack sawing machine.
2.saving material - because the saw blade is narrow, the end face does not leave the machining allowance, so each cut one square meter section, than the bow saw machine saves 88kg of steel.
3.energy saving - high efficiency leads to a large energy saving. every hour of work, it is 3 degrees less than the bow sawing machine and 8 degrees of saving power compared to a circular sawing machine.
4.perfect solution of large size workpiece cutting problem.
the band saw blade can be used to cut off any size workpiece, and the cost of the sawing machine is extremely low when solving the problem of large size workpiece cutting.
5.the cutting end roughness can be up to ra25-12.5, and the perpendicularity is 0.1mm, without the need of flat face process.
6.equipment noise is low - less than 75db.
7.wide range - suitable for cutting of all kinds of material.

brief introduction to the product features:

variable teeth with saw blade can be applied to wider range of cross section.
easy to penetrate, excellent cuttings performance, cutting noise cutting, quieter, minimum vibration.
the cutting surface is smooth and smooth, faster and straighter.
cut the bulk of the strapping sections.
high speed sawing can make good wear resistance and high heat resistance.
zhejiang band saw blade saw blade product, saw blade type and sawtooth size range wide, the unit cutting cost is low, is to play the high performance use efficiency, is high speed, powerful cutting ideal saw belt.


the cutting feature of zhejiang band sawing machine itself is very high quality. these are also simple expressions. you can learn more about it. at the same time, zhejiang band sawing machine to use with saw blade selection is also very important. zhejiang band saw machine manufacturer sells high quality circular saw machine tool _ nc sawing machine. welcome to inquire.

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