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product name:gb5325-40-125
1.sawing capacity: height:300mm
                deep throat:400mm
2. main motor:     2.2kw
3. cutting speed:  25,45,70m/min。
4. feed speed: stepless speed regulation.
5. oil pump motor: adopt well-known brand.
6.main electric parts: adopt tianzheng or zhengtai electric.
7. hydraulic main part: adopt domestic famous brand.
8.linear guide: upper silver
9. hydraulic tank capacity: approx40l。
10. working pressure of oil cylinder:4mpa-6mpa。
11. table height above ground: approx900mm。
12.table size: about 2600 x 770(length x width)
13.band size: 34x1.1 length to be determined
14. host size: about 2600x1200x1880(length x width x height)


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